Data Security Suite – Protect your Investment

AIT data loss prevention (DLP) technology is the industry’s leading DLP solution that’s easy and quick to deploy and helps protect organizations against the loss of sensitive information. The simple installation and configuration of AIT DLP solutions enable AIT to offer this evaluation as customer-downloadable software.

Data is your most valuable asset. Your business runs on information, much of it confidential. Securing that sensitive data is one tough job. At the very least, you have to:

  • Meet regulations set by numerous entities, or face fines for noncompliance
  • Secure your data in all the ways it gets shared: in apps, on websites, and via email 
  • Allow access to data for business use while protecting it from misuse

Data can rush away from you. Some data breaches compromise thousands of files and cost millions of dollars. The 2010 WikiLeaks incident comes immediately to mind, with the release of more than 250,000 confidential documents, causing untold economic and political fallout.

And data can leak out slowly. Employee error accounts for a high percentage of data loss. People send passwords to their Yahoo or Google email accounts. Or they post personal info to social sites from their work computers. These little cracks can open the door to data theft on a disastrous scale.

  • January-April: Discovery AIT technology discovers locations of sensitive data and monitors employee misuse. Security alerts are sky-high.
  • May: Employee education Policy violation notices go to employees who misuse sensitive data (for example, sending a password to a Gmail account). Education results in an immediate 50% decline in alerts. 
  • June-December: Policy enforcement Automatic email encryption begins, incidents are blocked, data is secure, and alerts drop to a level easily managed by IT incident investigators. 

Get comprehensive coverage. Without complexity. AIT is the only security solution that provides comprehensive data security without complexity and high cost. We deliver DLP that's:

  • Enterprise-class
  • Easy to install and deploy 
  • A snap to expand to Web or email 
  • So affordable you may not even believe it