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AIT Email Security provides comprehensive content filtering for continuous protection against inbound and outbound email threats including spam, viruses, blended threats, data loss, and regulatory violations. Industry-leading threat detection technology and expertise are complemented by simple-to-use monitoring and reporting to provide a high level of control and visibility. AIT Email Security can help reduce business risk, enable business compliance, and ensure business continuity.

Email is a security-attack pipeline into your company. Email carries essential messages for the everyday workings of your business. But it's also a major conduit for security threats that blend Web, email, and data attack strategies. According to AIT® Security Labs research:

  • Nearly 90% of unwanted emails contain Web links to spam or malicious websites
  • Only 1 of every 4 anti-virus products catch blended Web and email attack campaigns 
  • Cybercriminals use news, shopping, and other hot topics to disguise spam-carrying emails so well that even savvy recipients can't resist clicking

Unified content security is essential for email protection. Companies that don't have unified content solutions that include Web, email, and data are sitting targets for costly security attacks.

Email is a data-loss pipeline out of your company. One of the top challenges your company faces is loss of confidential data such as client names, employee SSNs, database passwords, and more. If you don't have tight outbound protection, you can be sure that you're losing data right now, due to:

  • Accidental misuse of data by employees
  • Email links to unprotected databases 
  • Non-malicious but damaging actions such as documenting passwords in email messages or attachments

Leak-free outbound email security is essential for DLP. You must have email security that's tightly integrated into your data loss prevention (DLP) technology. If you don't, you're losing data, inviting crime, risking compliance violations, and jeopardizing your reputation.

The AIT solution outperforms others 3 to 1. At half the cost. Our email security products:

  • Provide the only email solution that unifies enterprise-class email, Web, and data security
  • Leverage the power, simplicity, and efficiency of in-the-cloud deployment 
  • Offer less complexity and more comprehensive coverage than any other solution – at a fraction of the price

Email Security

It is important to understand where problems originate in order to protect your businesses network environment. Statistics show:

  • 12% of spam messages refer to shopping.
  • 84% of all email messages are spam. 
  • 89.9% of unwanted email links to spam sites or malicious websites.

Spam: More than an annoyance; it is a real threat to business.  AIT can assist in reducing the threat and protect your critical business data.


Statistical information provided by 2016 Industry Threat Report