AIT HIPAA Risk Mitigation and AIT Security Gateway Services

Business today depends heavily on the World Wide Web to conduct much of its day-to-day transactions. Most Trust Funds, Claims Departments, Accounting Firms, Medical, & Legal organizations rely on the quick secure dissemination of highly sensitive information. HIPAA regulations and federal requirements provide stiff penalties for IT security violations. AIT's business is to protect our client' investment with leading edge security technology using the most advanced security techniques and filtering software available.

The effect of social media on business poses multiple threats due to the sheer volume of communication. For instance:

  •  2 billion views on YouTube
  • 65 million tweets on Twitter
  • 550 million people on FaceBook

With this volume of traffic, cybercrime is inevitable and protecting your organizations data is a greater challenge if your company allows employees to freely use social sites such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, & Instant Messaging. However, if proper security is in place, it is possible to reliably protect your company.

Research Shows:

  • 52% of data-stealing attacks occur over the Web
  • 79.9% of websites with malicious code are legitimate sites – like Google – that have been compromised 
  • In 2016 the overall number of malicious websites went up by 111.4%

Consult with AIT on the best way to satisfy your HIPAA Security Requirements and reduce your internet risk exposure. AIT Security Gateway is one of many tools used to protect your business and clients' critical data.

Statistical information provided by the 2016 Industry Threat Report