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Today’s business communications revolve around the three “C”s: Connectivity, Cloud, and Continuity.  

Connectivity Solutions: Every business has unique communications requirements. What’s consistent is the need to connect customers, locations, suppliers and markets in an easily managed, reliable and cost-effective network that is designed around each business’ growth strategy instead of around a set of products. More options mean more opportunities to custom tailor the solution that’s right for your business and TelePacific gives them to you.  

Cloud Solutions: The Cloud is no longer an idea slowly building on the horizon. It’s here today and is ready to be a rainmaker that helps your business run better, gain new customers and save money. Still, not all cloud solutions are created equal. Business-ready solutions – the kind you can feel comfortable entrusting with business-critical applications and operations demand guaranteed reliability, security and support. When those requirements are met, the decision to complement or replace on premise equipment and software with scalable, cost effective cloud-based solutions becomes easy and TelePacific meets them.  

Continuity Solutions: Your business can’t afford downtime or security breaches. Each security breach can have an impact that’s longer lasting and more severe than the immediate hit of lost revenue.  When your business depends on communications, you can depend on TelePacific to offer a comprehensive suite of continuity solutions that ensure that your communications are always running and your data is backed up and secure.

TelePacific has your business continuity and security solutions covered.

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What TelePacific Provides:

*  99.99% availability supported by U.S.based Network Operations Centers and iron-clad Service Level Agreements.

*  Real-time health status and availability of appliance. 

*  Our Service Monitoring and Management lowers your total cost of ownership. 

*  Save on equipment, network management tools, and IT support. 

*  TelePacific Network Operations Centers (NOC) proactively resolves issues to protect your business.