Business Systems

Business Computing and Systems Support Specialists

AIT has been providing Business Computing and Systems Support Specialists for transit organizations in Orange and Los Angeles Counties since 2004. These projects require specialized skills for the Transit Industry.

Projects include:
• Project Analyst for Paratransit CAD projects.
• Business Systems Support Specialist
• HASTUS Map Upgrade/Integration
• Trapeze Upgrade from Version 7 to 10
• Integration into Trapeze & HASTUS processes
• HASTUS Map Upgrade/Integration & Trapeze map update
• Trapeze Interface integration
• Trapeze Maintenance & Upgrades for fixed route & paratransit Systems
• Software roll-out and implementation training

Summary - Business Systems Support Project – ongoing since 2007
An Orange County transportation provider involved in bus, paratransit services, & commuter rail services, operates facilities in the greater Orange County area.

In support of fixed route and demand-based paratransit bus services, Advanced Information Technologies (AIT) supports the operation of two scheduling systems: GIRO Inc.’s HASTUS product for its fixed route service, and Trapeze Software Group’s PASS product for its paratransit service. The GIRO HASTInfo product, a web based trip planner for use by the public. The Trapeze PASS system includes a telephone based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that allows a client to review or cancel scheduled trips. PASS also employs a text messaging system that sends messages such as schedule change information to the driver of a bus via a cellular network and mobile data terminal (MDT) located on the vehicle.

Each of the scheduling systems are multi-user, client-server based solutions each involving multiple Windows Server based server-class computers performing application, database, and web server functions. Both solutions involve client software whose interface is served to end-users via a CITRIX server farm.

GIRO HASTUS: The following depicts the distributed nature of the HASTUS solution.
The GIRO HASTUS product uses an Oracle database version 10g. A call center services the customer information telephone hotline. The service agents use the HASTINFO module to provide trip itineraries in response to customer requests vehicle blocking, garaging; run cutting; and rostering.

Trapeze PASS: The following depicts the distributed nature of the PASS solution.
The Trapeze product uses an Oracle database version 9i. A call center operation which performs customer service functions producing schedules and operating the paratransit service involves a set of processes performed by the users using PASS. These include the registration of clients who use the paratransit service; the booking of trips for those clients; the establishment of subscription based-trips for some clients; the scheduling of trips; and performing a dispatch function on a real-time basis to arrange for same-day trips or to affect same day schedule changes.

Trapeze’s IVR and wireless messaging solutions offer telephone-based customer self-service features (IVR), and to provide text messaging to coach operators via mobile data terminals located on each bus. Wireless services for text messaging are provided via a commercial wireless service.
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