Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization

What is Virtualization and how can it benefit your business?

How Virtualization works:

A virtualization layer partitions the physical server so you can run multiple servers simultaneously on a single server. The computing resources of the physical server are pooled and used by the virtual servers in a controlled manner. The virtual servers are isolated from the other virtual servers on the systems leaving them unaffected by the actions of the other virtual servers.


How Server Virtualization can help your organization:

  1. Increase server utilization
  2. Reduces energy consumption
  3. Centralize control of all desktop OS and applications
  4. Reduce power and cooling requirements
  5. Better control virus and malware outbreaks
  6. Simplify management of OS and application patch updates
  7. Reduce device theft
  8. Increase data security and remote access


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